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APEC, China PV is not only exporting more products in Vietnam, but also providing a "development package" for Vietnams photovoltaic industry.

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APEC, China PV is not only exporting more products in Vietnam, but also providing a "development package" for Vietnams photovoltaic industry.

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(Xinhua News Agency, Hanoi, July 27th: Newsletter) When visiting the Yunzhong Industrial Zone, Xinhua News Agency reporters Le Yanna, Zhang Jianhua, and Qi Jianhua report that, “The investment of Chinese companies here is very large, especially high-tech enterprises, not only for us Vietnamese. Come to work, bring advanced science and technology, and we can learn a lot. The working environment here is very professional and comfortable," 26 year old Wu Shishui, an employee of Vina Solar, said.


“First of all, the location of the Yunzhong Industrial Zone is very advantageous,” Yang Yongzhi told Xinhua News Agency. The friendship between Bac Giang and China is very close to Vietnam’s Haiphong Port and Hanoi’s Inner Airport. Since the PV raw materials are imported from China, the parts and components arrive by sea. The precious materials need to be transported by air. Therefore, the Yunzhong Industrial Park satisfies these three standards and has become a priority for the company to settle in Vietnam. Yang Yongzhi believes that the second advantage of Yunzhong Industrial Park is that it is developed by Chinese people and it is very convenient. “The company was registered in Vietnam in April 2014. Despite the riots in May, the industrial park and the local government gave us tremendous support. The construction plan was never interrupted, and the construction speed was fast and the quality was high. We produced the first product on July 10th." In one of the company's factories, air-conditioning and fan equipment ensure a normal and comfortable working environment in the heat, and hundreds of Vietnamese people wearing the same clothes Wu Shishui. Workers are skilled with multiple automated equipment. Yang Yongzhi said, "Currently, the most advanced technology in the world is not in every country. After the company bought it, it was used directly in Vietnam.”

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