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Photovoltaic industry becomes a new highlight of China-Vietnam capacity cooperation

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Photovoltaic industry becomes a new highlight of China-Vietnam capacity cooperation

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Workers work in Trina Solar's solar module factory in Vietnam. With the continuous construction of the “Belt and Road” initiative and Vietnam’s “two corridors and one circle” plan, the development model of Bac Giang Province in Vietnam is quietly changing. The photovoltaic industry has not only become a new driving force for the development of this agricultural province but also has become “a new highlight of the cooperation between the Belt and Road and the two corridors and one circle.”



Trina Solar Vietnam partner Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd. has witnessed the continuous development of Sino Vietnamese capacity cooperation. The company, which was invested by China's private enterprises, has expanded to 15 times the capacity of 3.2GW at its full capacity 200MW since its commissioning in 2014. The staff also developed from more than 160 to about 4000 people. Yang Yongzhi, general manager of the company, is full of confidence in the future. He believes that the "one along the road" and "two corridors" will bring more resources and policies. His goal is to build Vietnam into a new center of photovoltaic industry - by further integrating the PV upstream and downstream industries, more photovoltaic companies will be brought into Vietnam to achieve complete localization from accessories to products. Production.

Thanks to this, Vietnam's Beijiang province has promoted the photovoltaic industry as the economic highlight of the province to the whole country. Ruan Wenling, chairman of the people's Committee of Beijiang Province, said that Beijiang province has become the frontier of economic and trade cooperation with its superior geographical position and preferential policies. He hopes to have more Chinese high quality enterprises to invest and bring advanced technical experience to Vietnam and bring to Beijiang province.

More and more Chinese enterprises, especially the photovoltaic and electronic high-tech companies, have been in the park since the construction of the "one area and one road" and the cooperation between the high level of the two countries have reached a consensus on strengthening the capacity of the Limited Liability Company, general manager of the Limited Liability Company, general manager of Vietnam Fuhua, a Chinese funded private enterprise in charge of the development and construction of the Beijiang Industrial Park in Vietnam.

According to the Vietnam plan investment department data, only in the first quarter of 2017, the China mainland investment agreement reached 823 million 600 thousand US dollars, ranked third in all countries and regions, accounting for 10.68%. Photovoltaic industry has become a model of Sino Vietnamese capacity cooperation.

Hu Suojin, the economic and Commercial Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in Vietnam, stressed the smooth development of China Vietnam relations in 2016 and the new level of bilateral economic and trade cooperation, and Vietnam became the largest trade partner of China in ASEAN countries. It is expected that the Chinese funded enterprises will actively create high-quality platforms for Sino Vietnamese manufacturing and production cooperation.


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