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Chinese-funded enterprises in Vietnam: Vietnam has obvious advantages in the market, with labor per capita as much as 1000 to 2000:

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Chinese-funded enterprises in Vietnam: Vietnam has obvious advantages in the market, with labor per capita as much as 1000 to 2000:

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At the "2016 free trade area forum" held in Shanghai by the Asia Pacific daily, many enterprises from Southeast Asia take the opportunity to develop the free trade area, and actively explore the international economic and trade cooperation and infrastructure construction under the "one along the road" strategy, and further tap the huge potential of inter regional capacity cooperation.


Last September, when the vice premier of Vietnam visited China, China and Vietnam reached a consensus on the "one way" initiative and the "two corridors" strategy, promoting cooperation between the two countries in the fields of industrial capacity, trade and investment. Nowadays, more and more enterprises are eyeing the Vietnamese market, especially those with high added value and high technology.

High speed iron and photovoltaic

Chinese products most recognized by the international market

"At present, Vietnam's market dominance is particularly evident among Southeast Asian countries." Yang Yongzhi, the general manager of the China Vietnam Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd., received an interview with the Asia Pacific Daily reporter after the forum. "On the cost, Vietnam is more mature than Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and other processing industries; on the resource environment, it is more attractive to foreign businessmen than Laos and Kampuchea. Especially for Chinese enterprises, Vietnam is in the process of processing and manufacturing industry in the rise period, per capita 1000 to 2000 of the low labor cost and the environment that is not very different from China, making Vietnam more competitive in market choice.

At present, China's most internationally recognized products, in addition to high-speed rail, another industry is photovoltaic. Yang Yongzhi said, at this stage, the company has 3 planned capacity at the end of the set up, the battery end 200 megawatts have started production, under the premise of market recognition will become the largest photovoltaic enterprise overseas.

In the face of fierce international competition, China's PV with low cost and high quality is also facing the international market's "catch up and intercept". Yang Yongzhi told reporters, "quality productivity cooperation can ensure the sustainable development of the company. Chinese enterprises must go out and become an important part of the industrial chain of the world. The concept of industry and free trade area is roughly the same, and the integration of globalization can make the industry play better. "

Visit the free trade area

A convenient channel for domestic enterprises to get in and out of funds

China's investment has brought advanced technology, not only to create employment in Vietnam, but also to the development of Vietnam as a whole. In order to actively encourage and guide capital to investment, the Vietnamese government has issued various preferential policies, and the current intervention components of the Vietnamese government are relatively small, which ensures the degree of marketization of Vietnam.

For the free trade area, Yang Yongzhi proposed a convenient channel for domestic enterprises to import funds. At this stage, the investment companies in Hongkong can only be relied on. Some enterprises have received restrictions on overseas investment. If they can increase the free flow of foreign investment through the free trade area, it will make Chinese Enterprises go out better.


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