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China-Vietnam cooperation is strong

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China-Vietnam cooperation is strong

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Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, November 2 - During peak traffic hours, more and more electric cars are added to the crowded motorcycle stream as they drive through the narrow streets of Hanoi. Many of the electric cars on the streets of Vietnam today are Chinese brands. From electric vehicles to the photovoltaic industry located along the Maritime Silk Road in Vietnam, China-Vietnam companies actively promote production.



Encouragingly, China’s “One Belt, One Road” initiative and Vietnam’s “Two Corridors and One Economic Circle” strategic plan are preparing for an effective merging, which will further release the huge potential of China-Vietnam capacity cooperation. The “Belt and Road Initiative” is intended to promote international trade cooperation and infrastructure construction. The “Two Corridors and One Economic Circle” project is to build the Kunming-Lao Cai-Hanoi-Hai Phong and Nanning-Lang Son-Hanoi-Hai Phong economic corridors and the Gulf of Tonkin Economic Circle, which were proposed by Vietnamese leaders during their visit to China in 2004.

More and more Chinese companies are trying to open up the Vietnamese market, especially those with high added value.


Chinese-owned Vina Solar Technology Co., Ltd., which specializes in manufacturing solar modules, is one of them. The company was registered in Vietnam in April 2014. Presently, the company has won the recognition of many international customer, and is also expected to become one of the largest PV module manufacturers invested in by Chinese companies abroad.




Yang Yongzhi, general manager of the company, told Xinhua that under the fierce international competition, only high-quality production cooperation can guarantee the sustainable development of the company.


Wu Shishui, an employee of Vina Solar Technology Co., Ltd., said that Chinese investment has brought advanced technology, which not only created employment for Vietnam, but also helped the development of the entire country.


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