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Detailed introduction


1.Mechanical data and design

  Product Poly-Crystalline Silicon Solar cell

  Dimension (156.75±0.25)mm × (156.75±0.25)mm

  Diagonal 220mm±1.0mm

  Thickness 200µm±20µm

  Front(-) Metal catalyzed chemical etched surface with dark blue silicon nitride AR coating

  The front pattern with 5 busbars

   Distance of 31.2mm between two (0.7±0.1)mm wide silver bus bars

  Back(+) Passivated emitter rear contact back side surface

  Distance of 31.2mm between two (1.8±0.2)mm wide Ag/Al bus bars

2.High performance

  Polycrystalline silicon solar cells are 6” cells with high efficiency,reaches up to20.5%. The dark  blue anti-reflection         coating on the front surface and good passivation on the rear surface result in an increases in both UV and infrared.


   The electrical data apply to standard test conditions(STC):

   Irradiance at the module level of 1000W/m2, with spectrum AM 1.5 and a cell temperature of 25℃

   The above data are average figures presently measured. Reference data are calibrated by Fraunhofer ISE

4. Temperature Coefficient

   Power -(0.42±0.02)%/K

   Voltage -(0.34±0.03)%/K

   Current +(0.068±0.015)%/K

5. Electrcial                                                                                curve


IV-curve     Spectral response

6.The advantages

   "  Across-the-board soft handling during production to avoid microfissures and reduce breakage rating during onward        processing.

  High-quality, homogeneous appearance to visual checks of properties 

  Excellent long-term electrical stability through with crystalline silicon technology"

7. Packaging

    One package contains 1200pcs of cells.

    * Specifications included in this datasheet are subject to change without prior notice.

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     C/P: +84 949389810            Fax: +84 24 0381 8223

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